Concert In Quarantine (Parodies Volume 2)

by Five Times August

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released April 27, 2020


all rights reserved


Track Name: Might Be Here 'Til June
So no one told you life was gonna be this way
You’re jobs at home also the kids are around all day
It’s like you’re always stuck just sitting here
And you’ll be staying here all day, all week, all month, or even all year

(We) Might be here ‘til June (there’s a chance we’ll get bored)
Not much here to do (Can’t go out to any store)
I’ll be here with you (at least you’re here with me too)

We’re taking walks a lot around the neighborhood
With all the snacks we bought, we’re still okay on food
Your mother tries to FaceTime quite a bit
‘Cause she wants to read us random things she saw on the internet

(And so) Might be here ‘til Fall (going to clean the house some more)
You can text or call (No one’s knocking at the door)
Kind of miss the mall, and that smoothie guy named Paul
Track Name: (Get Me Take Out) One More Time
Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
Some restaurants are open?
Oh baby, lately
I thought everything was closed
But now my apps are loading

Show me, what you’re wanting to eat
Come on tell me
Are we tracking calories? I know we’re not…

My only guess is Applebees
They have a thing for delivery
The food we make here takes too much time
Order online
Cheese sticks are $8.99

Oh baby, baby
We really don’t need this food
Our pantry is still loaded
Oh baby, baby
But some of these deals look good
Let’s hurry up, they’re closing

Oh wow, the triple chocolate meltdown
Let’s get crazy
‘Cause we’re feeling lazy, update the cart

They are the best, I love Applebees
Let’s hope this one has good ratings
I’ll check on Yelp for some peace of mind
Looks like they’re fine
But they got 1 star from a crazy guy one time
Track Name: My Mask Will Go On
Everyday if I leave
I'll see them, they're real
They're people with strange homemade masks on

Plastic bags and duct tape
Are wrapped around their face
And that is a potential problem

Weird art, that's kind of what they are
Can they see with that water jug on?
Once more, I'm at the grocery store
And they are here with their mask
And I ask how they got that on

Rubber bands and shoelace
Some old fruit or lettuce
That is what some masks are made from

Cut in an old bra, and ta da!
You have one
Now you will not look quite so dumb

It's bizarre, they're driving in their car
With a Stormtrooper Star Wars mask on
Once you're outside of your front door
You will see what I mean
And you'll think "What the heck is going on?"

Don't stare, they're wearing underwear
On their head instead of where it goes
You are now an internet star
With that scuba gear on
And the mask you put on your dog.
Track Name: Anyway, Here's A Wonderwall Parody
Today was gonna be the day
We were going back to the zoo
By now you probably figured out
We’re limited on things to do
I’m kind of relieved we’ll save some money
And figure out things to do
Around the house

I see, there’s neighbors on our street
Everybody has a bike or dog
I’m sure we never met before
I only see them on a walk or jog
Well I don’t believe that anybody
Will wanna go back to work
When they’re allowed

Now dominos are kind of fun, I’m finding
And all my clothes are washed and I can find ‘em
There are many things that I would like to learn to do
And I’m learning now
I’m learning how

Because lately, I’m hanging out and I’m waiting
But aren’t we all? I sure miss basketball

Today was gonna be the day
I was gonna go buy some shoes
It’s too bad, the shoes that I have
Give me blisters and my feet are bruised
And I don’t believe in the Walmart shoe brand
But that’s the only local option
That I have

Now all the roads I used to drive are open
But Target changed their hours and their closing
There are many TV shows, but I’m all caught up now
And I don’t know how
I don’t know how

Because lately, I’m hanging out and just waiting
If I miss your call I’m painting all my walls
I think maybe, I’ll take an e-class on baking
‘Cause after all, I’m also learning to draw
Because lately, I’m hanging out and just waiting
But I still miss the mall,
and my smoothie guy named Paul
Track Name: My Body Is Out Of Shape Again
We got the afternoon
The morning and night time too
There’s nothing left for us to do
You’re bugging me
And I’m bugging you

One pile of laundry sits but
We folded the rest of it
One game of Battleship
Then Operation

Well, if you want fun
This is it
‘Cause none of our good friends
Can visit
I know what you’re thinkin’
Admit it
This is bound to be a while…

So we’ll walk around the block again.
Yea, we’ll probably take a walk (‘cause we have no plans)
Let’s walk around the block again

Somethin’ about how nice it is to be outside
But it’s pretty obvious we need to get more exercise
We’ve kind of let ourselves go
It’s getting hard to hide it
We better leave our bed more often
And start a brand new diet

You want to run?
Forget that
I know that you’ve got on
Your FitBit
But I’m not a big fan
Of sweatin’
I can barely run a mile

But I’ll gladly take a walk again
I’ll gladly take a walk and I’ll hold your hand
My body is out of shape again
My body is out of shape again

Don’t forget, don’t forget to wash,
Don’t forget to wash your hands
Don’t forget, don’t forget to wash,
Don’t forget to wash your hands

Now go wash your hands
Now go wash your hands
Track Name: Your Only Friend Is Me
Well, your only friend is me
While we’re in quarantine
You often told what is in my head
While I spend my time on the internet
You won’t remember anything I’ve said
‘Cause you don’t like conspiracies
But your only friend is me

Well, how longs this gonna be?
I guess we’ll just wait and see
You got your puzzle, well, I got one two
We’ll put them together in separate rooms
You need your space, fine, I’ll give it to you
But, I’m your only company
Your only friend is me

Some other friends might be little bit farther than I am
One house down or two
But none of them is ever gonna bug you
The way I do
It’s just me and you, boy!

So as the weeks go by
We’ll spend lots of time inside
I’ll do my best to not be annoying
Your only option is me
My only option is you
(Hey) Let’s give each other tattoos

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