Something Clever E​.​P.

by Five Times August



Released in the summer of 2004, this long out of print E.P. was the first to feature full band arrangements on a Five Times August release. Three of these songs were later re-recorded for the album "Fry Street." This particular version of "Better With You" was featured on MTV's popular reality series "Laguna Beach" and quickly became an underground cult hit among fans.


released May 5, 2004

All songs written by Bradley James Skistimas

Brad Skistimas - Vocals, Guitars
Chris Hawkes - Guitars, Bass, Percussion, and Harmony Vocals
Cason Clifton - Drums on tracks 1, 2, and 3
Cooper Apelt - Bass on track 5

Recorded at One Road Studios
Produced & Mixed by Chris Hawkes
Mastered by Nolan Brett @ Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas, TX



all rights reserved
Track Name: First Time For Everything (2004 Version)

I’m standing in the place we met
Heart shakes, and then I sweat
It’s so hard to see that it’s all over

What did I do to make this end?
And could I really be your friend?
I can barely just pretend it’s over

I’m standing in the place we first kissed
There’s so much I miss
This I can’t resist cause I’m all over
Where we took our first photograph,
And where I first held your hand and laughed
Awkward moments like that have passed, it’s over

You’re fine and I believe it
I’m something you never needed
I can’t say the same for you

But there’s a first time for everything
And I’ll fall in love again
When I begin my second time around
It’s the last time I’ll think of you
You can do what you’d like to do
But if you only knew I’m never coming back

I’m standing in the place we first said goodbye
I don’t know why, I so relied on you for my smile
I laid happiness in your hands
And I don’t really understand
The cost was more than I could stand
It was miles wide

(chorus x 2)
Track Name: Save It For Later (2004 Version)

Look at me, do you see anything you want?
I do, when I look at you
Three words unheard
A verse that I should say to you
But there’s just no use

Cause I’m shy around the edges
‘Til I know what I should mention
And my thoughts are still on catchin’ up
to leave my mouth
I’m thinking I should wait
But it’s getting kinda late
And I sure would really hate to leave
the same old way tonight

And I want you,
And I need you,
And I don’t think I could leave with this in mind
So oh this time
I’ll say the wrong words
And you’ll move onward
Cause I’m a coward
I don’t know how to work this out

But I’ll save it for later
Cause I’m a terrible moderator
On what’s happenin’
I don’t know where to begin
I’ll save it for later
‘Til I get a little more creative
Cause just sayin’ it, won’t make it right

So look at me, do you see
That everything you want is here?
But it’s far from near


ooh tonight
ooh tonight
Well I tonight, deny that I
Had never really tried
To get a three word line to you
Track Name: Better With You (2004 Version)

So maybe I’ve got a lot to learn
Or maybe I’m just hanging on my words
Or maybe it’s not a big concern
But if I raised my hand
Would I understand why I’m better with you?

So maybe there’s not a lot to say
Or maybe I’m wrong doing things my way
Or maybe things will be okay
If I get it together
And do somethingclever
But make it better with you

So tell me where did I go wrong before you
Before you came along
Well, it seems like I was lost
You showed me how to do things right
Now I’m so glad that now you’re mine

So let me say it all again…

So maybe there’s not a lot to do
Or maybe I’m just making myself confused
Or maybe I’ve got nothing to lose
But if I get out of line,
Just tell me you’re mine,
And how I’m better with you


So use me, don’t let me screw it up
I believe you and I need your touch
Just a little spice of you
Could never be too much
I believe you and I need you now
To make it better some how
You make it better some how

Track Name: Most Uncommon Thing (2004 Version)

So I have wished what seems could be 1,000 years too deep
And I have dreamed of things I need without the help of sleep
And everything you do is the reason that I do this
It's only fair that I should owe you all my time

Cause you are a most uncommon thing
You are a most uncommon thing I'm savoring

So we will dance as if it seems that no one's watching
And you will be the one to lead and I'll be following
And every step will be an anniversary
I can't believe that I will have you all this time

Cause you are a most uncommon thing
You are a most uncommon thing I'm savoring

So take me as you please, I want you
And say you'll be my ease
And promise the same things I promise you
Just that will do

Cause you are a most uncommon thing
You are a most uncommon thing I'm savoring
I'm savoring
I'm savoring you
Track Name: Luckiest Of Suckers (2004 Version)

So what you’ve been doing to me
has got to be the greatest unknown
And what you’ve been trying to keep
I bet you didn’t mean to let go
Now it’s obvious that my loneliness
is irrelevant but I can’t let it show
I’m writing you letters, making things better
but you’ll never be the same to me

Baby, you've changed me for good
It’s understood you don’t want me hanging
Maybe I’m hanging on love
And love alone has got me chasing
The shorter skirts, the bigger flirts,
The ones that won’t hurt me like you
But I do, feel like the luckiest of suckers to lose

So what you’ve been saying to me so playfully
is so painfully erasing away
Everyday is the same, it’s a game, it’s a shame
but don’t blame me, cause you came to me


Don’t blame it on the same old songs
I see so clear my dear…
There’s only one thing you’re missing
But don’t expect to get it from me

Everyday is the same, it’s a game, it’s a shame
but don’t blame me, cause you came to me